Tuna Can Defense

A Minnesota grocery store clerk fended off a gunman with a can of tuna.


UK Welcomes American Craft Beer

American craft beer hits the UK.


Sex, Advertising, Food, and Monkeys

Two advertising executives and a Yale University primatologist are teaming up to see how monkeys respond to food advertising. Monkey privates figure large in the experimental ad campaigns.


Delivering Chocolateness with Less Chocolate

With cocoa prices spiking, food manufacturers are coming up with solutions like "micro-size" chocolate drops that deliver "chocolateness" with less chocolate content in goods like muffins and baked foods.



Debunking Pomegranates

Pomegranates, health claims, and the "corrosive" practice of "science by press release."


How to Judge a Wine by Its Label

Predicting how wines will taste based on their label and bottle design.


The Economic Value of Terroir

Economists explore how the concept of terroir affects the value of wine.


Department of Cheese Crimes

Two women walked into an Oregon Whole Foods Market and stole nearly $600 worth of gouda and blue cheese.


Cucumbers in Space

A Japanese astronaut will grow cucumbers aboard the International Space Station.


Blogs to Books

Publishers are increasingly tapping bloggers for cookbooks and other print food books.