The United States of Food


From the Lucy Loves This etsy shop comes American Gastronomy, a typographic interpretation of American foodways, from California avocados to Maine lobster.

£22.00 (approximately $37.05) at Lucy Loves This.



It would be much, much better w/o the state names and just the foods.

Kool-aid? How about steak?


Cool! How about steak?


Sweet idea, but could use a bit of an edit (ultimate buffets?). Still, star for creativity.


Thanks for interesting post.


It seems wrong to buy this from a British seller.


Totally mesmerizing. And makes me want to move to Texas: steak and grapefruit--what more do you need!?


It is brilliant united state is full of food chane...
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a! why it is wrong to buy this from british seller?


I love steak and burgers. New York grill is also a plus to my favorites.


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Nice picture! I love burgers too! Thank you for this post! It was interesting to read. :)


Was wondering why Virginia didn't have ham, and then I saw it. Love Florida key lime pie!

One thing we have alot of in America is Great Food!


Agree with submit party. i have also visited this blog in last week quite regularly and i noticed that it updated almost on daily basis.


Restaurants in the US serve foods from variety of cultures namely Asian, European, Mexican and many more. Fortunately, they still preserve American culture through preservation of American-owned foods like steaks, burgers, grilled stuffs, desserts, side dishes and many more.


Loved the map of United States Food. It is amazing how each State has its own set of culinary delights to show off!



Thanks for the post. This picture is really interesting.


Thank you for sharing such uesful information.


What a fascinating map showing the American foodways. Thanks for this post.


I love to see creativity at its finest. Nice work!


i like the food.


Very clever. Of course, my fellow Californians would vouch for the avocados. Yum!


This is an interesting map. I wonder how many people consider the source of the food in America?


As long as it hasn't turned into vinegar, you can still use it in your cooking.


Colorado Rainbow Trout? Hm. I would have thought "bison" or "peaches" or "wine" or "Rocky Mountain Oysters" or "sugar beets" (which are under Arizona, though I would argue Colorado's Holly Sugar is more iconic)... Rainbow trout is a very harmful introduced species in Colorado, and while it's found in a few places, it's definitely not on my top ten "Colorado foods."

So what would I do to represent Colorado? Bison is on just about every menu (and you can see herds of them from the interstates), we write poems about Rocky Mountain Oysters, our western slope wine and fruit industry and our southern cantaloupe industry is quite healthy. Olathe sweet corn, Palisade peaches, Rocky Ford cantaloupes, Severance "oysters," Estes Park elk, or how about the fact that we are one of the drunkest states and we have the microbreweries, vineyards, and distilleries to prove it! Heck, our governor was elected because he brews good beer, while we rejected electing a senator who makes really horrible beer! Who else in the U.S. votes with their blood-alcohol content as much as we do?


My bad, sugar beets are under Utah. Off to look up the Utah sugar beet industry!


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Whoever did this has NEVER been to Missouri. Kansas City BBQ is much bigger than Cashew Chicken or mudbugs. Heck even that vile pizza over in St. Louis at Imo's would have been better.


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