Still Great: The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957


There are plenty of new food-oriented April Fools day pranks this year, but this BBC documentary about the Swiss "spaghetti harvest" -- broadcast on April 1, 1957 -- is still one of the greatest hoaxes of all time. Following the broadcast, hundreds of duped viewers contacted the BBC about how to purchase their own spaghetti bushes.

Watch the video below:



The spaghetti hanging from the trees plucked by the women looked so real. Funny. Thanks, Josh.


This spaghetti hoax is very funny and I loved the video. It was definitely one of the cleverest April fools jokes I have ever heard and a very elaborate prank. The creators of this prank really went all out to make the video seem realistic. I liked that even at the very end of the video they did not reveal it was an April fool’s joke.


The Spaghetti Harvest April Fool’s Joke was so funny. This teaches everyone a valuable lesson; don't believe everything you see on TV. It takes away your genuine intellect and just makes you plain dumb gullible. By the 50s I'm sure everyone except for those under the age of 5yrs. knew that money didn't grow on trees, the same applies to spaghetti. Thanks Josh I really liked the video.


I think this is a really clever idea for an April's fools jokes cause it really goes to show just how many fools there really are in the world who will believe that a food such as spaghetti can really grow on a tree. People really do believe everything they hear on TV, but people really need to start learning how to use the internet and research things, and get their facts straight before spreading silly rumors like this.


This is is pretty funny. I can't believe that people actually thought that spaghetti grows on trees. I feel like it is very obvious that spaghetti doesn't grow on trees. It just surprises me that people don't know what grows on and off trees. Nevertheless I think that this was a pretty good April fool's prank.


Very funny. A great prank.Very well thought out and well planned to make it look real. Some people believe everything that they see in the media. People just need to be educated sometimes so that they do not look silly. Do not believe everything you hear. Do your research before you look dumb


This is not only a hilarious prank, but also a hard realization about people. The realization is that people will believe whatever is on the news. I think this is very funny, but shows that people need to be careful about what they publish for people to see. This is a great April Fool's joke, but upsetting to hear people were so easily fooled.


this is a really funny prank that they pulled. who would actually think that spagetti grew on a bush? i believed for maybe a second when i saw the picture but after the first glance you know it cannot be true. its good to see that even back then people still had some humor.


You gotta be kidding me?! Seriously, a lot of people fall for that harvested spaghetti? It is indeed the greatest April fool’s prank of all time. But it could have been a great global business. LOL!


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