Apps Against Obesity

Five ways that apps might be leveraged in the fight against obesity. Via eater.



I really like this idea of Apps being able to help people with their weight problems. There is such a big case of obesity in America and smart phones are what everyone has now a days. Having an app on the phone would make people remember that they have to eat healthy by making up their own meal plans and exercise plans. Especially with all the research that has been done on how many different diseases and cancers can be avoided by using these apps. In my opinion I think that this could actually work and would love to see people a lot healthier including people close to me.


Apps are being used for EVERYTHING now-a-days therefore it may be more affective if there was an app geared towards fighting obesity! There would be so many more people that would be willing to download an app to their phone that will help them, rather than going to a doctor or a weight loss class. This app will allow people to be even more healthier so this would be a great asset to society!


I think having an app to fight against obesity may be a good idea because so many people are really into downloading apps. I think many people who are interested in weight loss would download this app, however, the question is how many will take the advice that the app gives. It is one thing to read about weight loss and fighting obesity and another to go out and actually try what you read. In order to fight obesity people are going to have to actually go out and exercise and eat healthy, otherwise this app will have no effect.


I also agree with these Apps for people who are overweight to help them lose weight. Obeseity in our country is a big problem as well, people suffer every day with health problems because of their weight. These people have a eating disorder most likely and need help and ways to deal with their hunger when they get the urge to just eat. I believe that if these people are willing to help their bodies then they will be willing to do whatever it will take to get over their eating disorder. Some times people are not taught about nutrition and what is healthy to eat or what is not healthy to eat, and those people will have a tough time understanding why they have health problems only because they were not taught the necessary things to eat to have a proper diet.


This apps are really useful - they helps to count calories and remember you what to eat. In general they help to take process of weight loss under control.


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