Bacon Toothpaste for a Salty, Smoky Smile

Bacontoothpaste Not enough umami in your dental hygiene regimen? Fred Flare is selling a tube of toothpaste that only a committed carnivore could love: Bacon Toothpaste. If you prefer something sweeter, there's also a cupcake version.

Each tube contains approximately 2.5 oz. of toothpaste.

$8 at Fred Flare.



Bacon Toothpaste for a Salty, Smoky Smile:

That´s the ultimate invention!

I think that not only we carnivores have missed it for a so long time. Nevertheless i´m a little bit diaappointed, because the tube is less innovative than the paste.

With white smiling greetings



oh wow... really sometimes you just need to switch things up... i think that i would never have a thought even to create something like this... people have really great and (sorry... but) crazy imagination... nevertheless keep it up. nowaday we want everything new and unusual :)


I think that this is a very odd invention but at the same time very cool. I actually really like the design of the toothpaste tube because it is so adorable. The cupcake design is especially cute and that was a great way to make people want to buy the product. I do not know how good the product is but it looks worth a try. Great merchandising guys, keep it up!


Gross, this does not sound like a good way to keep your teeth clean or your breath fresh. But I suppose there is always room for these oddities in our society. Gag gifts are popular amoung the youth for birthdays and other special occasions. And I also suppose that I have to give this company credit for thinking outside the box. This a very creative way to sell tooth paste that is for sure. What I am most curious about is how this tooth paste actually taste and what your mouth would feel like after brushing with this? Very interesting this new product has definitly caught my attention.


This is definitely a different idea. I prefer to have a minty taste after I brush my teeth because that is what I have used my whole life. To me, I think a bacon flavor would make me feel like I needed to brush my teeth again. I would enjoy the cupcake flavor more but I still believe that I would feel like my teeth were not clean.


That is a funny idea for people to sell. i personally would never use bacon flavored toothpaste ,but hey some people love their bacon. I would not like to be talking to someone and their breath smelled like bacon ,but i cannot speak for everyone. If this company is actually able to make money off of this i will be very surprised


Or you can just buy bacon-flavor toothpaste for dogs at a pet store for half as much.


Bacon flavored eh? Really? I'd try it just because I would, but not before a romantic encounter! Bacon is not an attractive kissing smell!
potato nests


Hmmm this makes me curious...I'd love to try it.


Bacon flavored toothpaste seems a little strange to me. I wonder if it tastes like bacon and makes your breath smell like bacon. Also I wonder if the toothpaste actually does anything to prevent cavities. Or, is it considered vegetarian friendly? This is such an interesting product! Either way, $8 for a tube of toothpaste seems a little too expensive. I would like to try it, and the cupcake flavor too.


I would definitely like to try this product out, both the bacon and cupcake flavors. I'm a naturally curious person so anything new, especially this, catches my attention. I wonder if it actually works the same way as all other toothpastes do. The only other diverging flavors of toothpaste I've seen are the cinnamon and lemon versions which seemed to die out quickly. When going for toothpaste, I don't mind spending a little extra for the advanced clean and whitening stuff...would bacon and cupcake flavors give me the same effect? And my final question: what's next for mouthwash?


This is absurd the thought of enjoying the piquancy of bacon in toothpaste form is ludacris. There is no other way that i would rather enjoy bacon than frying it. Although inventive, I feel like their are other flavors that would work a lot better. Furthermore I believe that only diehard bacon fanatics would partake in this preposterous invetion.


I think the idea of bacon flavored toothpaste is funny, and whoever came up with it is definitely creative, but to me it sounds absolutely disgusting. I cannot image this toothpaste actually tasting good, and I do not like the idea of brushing my teeth with bacon. I would not feel like I was getting my teeth clean, and bacon breath does not sound appealing. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has actually tried this toothpaste and hear their reaction to it.


I don't think this is a good idea. I wouldn't want to be tasting bacon after I brush my teeth. Personally, I like the feeling of freshness after I brush. I would probably like the cupcake toothpaste though just because when I was younger I had different favors like bubble gum and that was cool.


Bacon toothpaste? Whatever next...I would like to try it but don't think it will catch on, people are so used to their minty tasting toothpastes anything else would just seem too weird!


Nice share ,buddy, you did a great job.


No matter how many times I read it, it never gets old. You definitely hit the nail on the head on this one. This is something people need to know about. Your blog is really incredible and the design is really top notch


Your article looks great! I enjoyed.Thanks you for sharing. I love it.


From the lens I look through as a small publisher, I see the 52,000 people that come to my AsktheBuilder site each day in pain. Something is wrong at their house.


"Or you can just buy bacon-flavor toothpaste for dogs at a pet store for half as much." hmmm not sure id use dog toothpaste myself but each to their own i suppose! Cupcake toothpaste sounds great :)


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Hi. I think that not only we carnivores have missed it for a so long time. Nevertheless i´m a little bit diaappointed, because the tube is less innovative than the paste...


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