The Cookbook as Comic Book


According to the Strong Buzz, Amanda Cohen, the chef/owner of Dirt Candy, has signed a deal with publisher Clarkson Potter to create a cookbook disguised as a graphic novel.

Cohen described the impetus behind the cookbook as comic book:

My problem has always been that I couldn’t think of a reason to add yet another cookbook to the already crowded shelves, but that all changed about a year ago when I had an idea for the kind of cookbook that would work for Dirt Candy: a graphic novel cookbook. I’m not sure if "graphic novel" is the best term here since it’s a cookbook and not a novel, but that’s the best description I can come up with.

Cohen is working with cartoonist Ryan Dunlavey, the artist behind the "Action Philosophers," a non-fiction comic book about the lives of the great philosophers. The book is due out in Summer 2012.



I think this idea for a cookbook to look more like a comic book is a good idea. I may actually help people make things better, maybe they have a hard time following along with all the reading there is to do with normal cookbooks. I would actually be excited to get one of these and use it all the time. It will be interesting to see how sales go.


I agree with Carly. This is a modern take on the cookbook that may get people up and cooking. The visual element may make it easier to follow for some people as well. Other people may just buy it because it's a fun way to read a cookbook and they may just want to try it out. Best case scenario it works like the Harry Potter Effect! Harry raised the interest in reading for children across the nation. Maybe we will see a rise in the interest to cook across the nation from this book. If not that sensational, at least it will be a fun novelty.


I think that a graphic novel cookbook is an amazing idea. I recently got into graphic novels and cooking because of a friend of mine and I have grown quite fond of both activities. I think it would make cookbooks fun an interesting as opposed to the normal ones. It may actually make people want to cook more or just try new recipes. I think it would be enjoyable to cook with a friend or a family member with a graphic novel cookbook too. It would make it more interesting at least. Kudos!


I think the idea of having a cookbook in graphic novel form is just fantastic. I think it will encourage people who dont usually cook to attempt to. I read graphic novels myself and I could definitely say that I would be more likely to try to cook if my cook book was a graphic novel. This is a great idea that makes cooking family friendly. I hope more companies decide to continue this trend.


Positive comics! I really liked! Thank you!


This is is an excellent idea. It will definitely help many people follow the instructions with pictures. I know by experience that sometimes certain steps can be unclear and can't be understood. Pictures also help a lot so that you know that you're on track because you can can compare the picture with what you're cooking. Plus their are times when certain steps need to be taken that are unclear such as types of cuts.


This comic book cook book is a great idea. It makes cooking even more appealing because it engages the cook. Your cooking with a comic book isn't that cool! I would actually buy this and would be more likely to cook with this one than my Rachel Ray kiddie cook book. In fact, what a great idea, Comic Cook books for kids, so that they could be little Chef Einsteins. Either way it's an interesting motive to get people cooking.


I think this is a great idea. I know that I am a terrible cook, and often times don't find cooking to be interesting (probably because I am so bad at it), but I like the idea of a comic book cookbook. I think this could get younger generations more interested in cooking and could lead to a healthier lifestyle. I would love to purchase one of these because it would be nice to have little pictures to go along with the directions, because visual aids always help me. I think this is also a great way to get the whole family involved in cooking, with children and parents working together to create a healthy meal.


This is an amazing idea, not only will it make cook books more entertaining but it will also help me follow along to the instructions. As an avid lover of graphic novels this article definitely perked up my day. If I can now find cooking entertaining, look out Rachel Ray there is a new cook in town. With pictures and diaologue to go along with the description of how to make a certain dish I will certainly be able to cook like no other. Now only if text books could be turned into graphic novels also my life would be a piece of cake. But I suppose you cant have your cake and eat it too.


I think that this is kinda of funny and can be a great way to get more people involved in cooking. I feel that everyone should know how to cook because you will be doing it for the rest of your life, unless you're really famous and got a cook for you, but for most of us we need to know how to cook


To have a comic strip that teaches people to cook is a very interesting take on the media in todays newspapers. Yes of course its not the headline on the local paper but it does allow people who do not know how to make certain things to be able to glance at it while they are reading their daily funnies and put the idea into their head.


I do not think that having a cookbook disguised as a graphic novel is going to hit the number one best seller charts. Honestly if you ask me i find it pretty amusing that anyone would even buy it at all. If your going to buy a cookbook, then go buy a cookbook. I dont see why anyone would want to try to hide that they like cooking and pretend to like graphic novels.


I think this is a great idea for a cook book. Most cook books are just detailed lists of instructions of how to prepare the meal and they will show us a picture of what the dish should look like when its completed. But the concept of this cook book will benefit the more visual people, because being able to see step by step what you need to do is easier to follow in my mind than just reading the instructions alone. This comic cook book will make it easier to prepare a meal for people that don't know a lot about cooking.


Very good idea. I'll actually skip longer recipes because I can't visualize all of the steps and staying with it. The visual aspect would change everything. Neat!


I think a comic cookbook is a great idea and puts a creative twist on cooking. Reading cookbooks generally are not very interesting so this may provide more incentive for people to try recipes from cookbooks. Also, it provides great visual instructions. Recipes can be confusing, so being able to visually see what you should be doing can be very beneficial. I personally like visual aids, so I would like a cookbook that shows me pictures of how I should be preparing the meal.


cookbook as a comic book is a great idea. i'd buy one myself


Hound Comics has been working on a similar idea with their character Luscious from their "Brimstone & the Borderhounds" comic series. The larger then life chicken loving character Luscious has a live Graphic Novel Cook Book.


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