Murder by Butter

Butter As reported by Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper, a Sicilian woman and her boyfriend used a slab of butter to kill her ex-husband.

Apparently, the couple thought that by using butter, which would melt away after they asphyxiated their victim, they had committed the perfect crime.

According to the AFP news service, "They had set upon him and suffocated him with the butter, before claiming he had arrived drunk and attacked them, forcing them to tie him up, when he had suddenly collapsed and died."

However, a post-mortem found remains of the butter in the airways of the victim, and the alleged butter killers were unmasked.

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I thought perhaps maybe a man died of an heart attack after his wife baked a huge fatty greasy thing intentionally. Little did I know it was LITERALLY death by butter.


This is outrageous to me! People go to such great lengths just to kill a person. Why can't you just work out problems instead of resorting to this? It is completely barbaric and unreasonable. They are so many betters ways to deal with the problem of an ex-husband than to kill him with butter to make the "perfect crime". It is unbelievable.


Wow! It reminds me of that Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV episode where the woman uses a frozen leg of lamb to club her husband to death, then roasts the murder weapon and serves it to the cops.


This reminds me of an old joke - a successful married businessman has asked a friend of him, also successful businessman how did he managed to get rid of his wife. "Oh, it's simple - buy her a Ferrari and let her drive it for a week.. or you can buy something less expensive, say a Jaguar".

One week passes, both men meet at the funeral of the first man's wife. The second man:
- "Man, I see it worked for you too. So what did you buy ? How did she crash ?"
- "Well, I bought a Jaguar as you adviced. He attacked and killed my wife the next day when she entered the garage.."


this is the reason why i don't like butter.


Wow I cannot believe people these days! I mean killing someone is bad enough but with a slab of butter? That's outrageous. People need to start using their heads a lot more and think about their consequences that go along with their actions.


This is ridiculous,i guess people are starting to get creative on killing each other. People need to learn how to work out there issues and learn to respect each other as human beings. Death by butter is not the right way to deal with ones ex.




OR that it's not NOT BUTTER!


My grandma always told me as a kid that "you can never have too much butter". I hope my grandmother doesn't read this article. Well maybe I do, to be honest she cooks with a little too much butter, if you ask me. But still, you have to wonder what went through this couples mind when they were plotting their half baked attempt at the "perfect crime". They would have been better off just feeding him a buttery meal every few weeks and hoping he got a clogged artery one day. At least that plan wouldn't have ended up with them in custody for murder.


At first glance I thought this article would talk about the adverse health effects of butter. I think this is much more interesting. I would have never imagined planning the perfect crime by shoving butter down someone's throat. I suppose people are getting more creative these days, but it seems a little ridiculous that someone would expect to kill someone with butter and not have any evidence left behind. Some people use food in a very unique, if not wasteful, way.


This is amazing that people do such insane things. It just doe not make sense that first of all someone would kill another human being and second... who does it with butter? The fact that someone would go to the extent of killing someone with butter is amazing. Some people need to learn how to solve their problems in better ways then ending another persons life


killing someone with butter is one of the craziest things i have heard of. i mean how in the heck did the killers think the butter would melt away if the man was dead? this should go on the tv show 1000 ways to die...attack of the butter.


This is insane. First off killing someone is messed up. I don't understand how someone can have so much hate that they want to kill someone. There are definitely many other ways of resolving situations. Using butter to kill someone is extremely awkward. I'm not saying that killing is good but there are many other ways to kill someone, but using butter is one of the craziest things I've ever heard of.


Reminds me of "A Lamb to the Slaughter". The wife kills the husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then cooks the lamb in the oven. While the detectives are working the crime and looking for what caused the blunt force trauma she offers them dinner, she's not really hungry, etc. and they all eat the evidence.


Wow! Who would think of butter as the perfect murder weapon? Obviously someone who doesn't have any common sense to know that when someone dies or is murdered there is an autopsy performed to find out the cause of death. It was only a matter of time until they were caught and the story that was made up was bogus to begin with. Can we say, dumbest criminals? lol


This reminds me of a story I read in high school about the woman who used a lamb to kill her husband, and then when the police arrived she had served the lamb to the police officers, covering up her perfect crime.
Some people are just ridiculous now a days and I cannot believe they are attempting to do things that people only write about


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