What if Kanye West Was A Food Writer?

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Someone has reimagined Kanye West as a budding food writer and created a Tumblr blog called "No One Man Should Have All That Flour" filled with song lyrics by West rewritten to be about food.

Take, for example, this version of West's rousing "All of the Lights," but recast about baking pies:

Got the oven here, baby
425° is how high the heat is
Bake up the pies in here, baby
You know what I need, want y’all to eat everything
Want you to eat all of the pies
Custard and there’s rhubarb
All of the pies, all of the pies
And after this I’ll make a cherry tart
All of the pies, all of the pies





This is so funny. I love Kayne's music and seeing him rap about cooking is a way to see his unprofessional side.


Ima let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the greatest pie recipes of all time! I'm pretty sure he should send some cookies to Taylor Swift since he loves baking so much.


The idea of kanye west becoming a food writer is so just tacky enough for it to actually be profitable


Well cooking is for everybody... and I believe we all have something to write about cooking and share to the world. It is just a matter of choice and time really.


Its a comical "fiction idea," but what makes it not funny is the fact that people are considering even taking this idea seriously. If the lyrics above were actually made into a song, and Even if Kanye West’s "Pies" had a nice beat to it. "Pies" would have earned it's place on the list of the worst songs of this new decade. Only ignorance would allow this "plausible fantasy song" to make it to the top of the Bill Board Charts. Real Food Critics I believe would be insulted. They review the good and the bad food with true genuine taste. Kanye may be just keeping it real, but having good taste is a character flaw that Kanye lacks.


It's all about marketing.


Kanye a chef? No way. Yeah right. I mite as well become a chef if it is that easy. I can see Kanye being good at one thing, two tops, and cooking is definatly not one of those things. Now, rapping about cooking? Ill buy the album before I buy the Kanye Cookbook.


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