El Bulli Foundation

Ferran Adria details his plans for his el Bulli Foundation.


Food Inspires Fashion

According to the Wall Street Journal, clothing made of food is taking off in culinary artistic circles.


Germans Drinking Less Beer

For the first time since the German reunification in 1990, annual German beer sales dropped below 100 million hectoliters. Domestic consumption is down by 2.9 percent to 83.4 million hectolitres.


Agriculture Department Allows GM Alfalfa

In a blow to the organic food industry, the Agriculture Department will allow the planting of genetically modified alfalfa. Used primarily for hay for cattle, the seeds can contaminate organic crops through pollination.


In Praise of Focaccia

Russ Parsons on perfecting your homemade focaccia and why you shouldn't use it for sandwiches.


DIY Mushrooms

Grow your own shiitakes? Sales of mushroom-cultivation kits are, um, mushrooming.


Study: Fermented Wheat Flour Promising for Celiac Sufferers

According to a new study, baked goods made from wheat flour fermented with certain micro-organisms may be tolerated by those with celiac disease.


Foodie Fact Check: Who Regulates Smoked Salmon?

IStock_000004304074XSmall Even if you missed the live broadcast of President Obama's State of the Union remarks last night, by now you have probably heard the soundbite of his smoked salmon joke.

Using the regulation of the salmon industry as an example of bureaucratic overlap, President Obama noted the dual jursidiction of the Interior and Commerce Department over salmon fishing and then riffed, "I hear it gets even more complicated once they’re smoked."

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From Paper to Plate

Chefs Grant Achatz (of Chicago's Alinea) and Michael Laiskonis (pastry chef at Le Bernardin in New York City) share the sketches they create to conceptualize new dishes.