Dictionarymoderngastronomybestovore best·o·vore (noun): One who eats foods they deem to be the best in taste and quality whenever possible, regardless of their geographical provenance. Antonym: locavore.

In an interview with Eater, former New York Times restaurant critic Mimi Sheraton described her philosophy of eating as that of a bestovore:

If it tastes good, then that's fine. I'm not a total locavore. I'll say that. I consider myself a bestovore. Nevermind local if it is not the best. But if I were faced with a Pennsylvania peach or Georgia peach, I would take the Georgia peach every time and let them sort it out in Pennsylvania. I think the locavores should stay home, that they shouldn't fly back and forth, especially from California making big carbon footprints in the sky to speak to us about the importance of being local.



People eat based off of what they remember or what they trust, most of the time. Whether the peach is from Georgia or Nebraska, they will eat what they're used and acustomed to.


I believe people will eat what they are accustomed to also. I do not think I would travel all over trying to find the very best of foods. I would like that but sometimes the funding is not there. I also probably could not tell the difference between two of the same food items from different places.


Word on the street is Mary & Mars is one of the best local bluegrass outfits in town.


I disagree with Hannah because I can definitely taste the difference between two similar food items from different locations. I believe that when a certain food item is produced in one state it could be made differently in another. For instance the type of soil that is being used could affect the taste of the fruit or vegetable being produced. On the other hand I agree with Hannah that I would not travel to find the best tasting foods.


What I can say is that I'd been traveling and it is so amazing to see different places with so many wide choices on food. Sometimes I even feel bad being not able to taste them all because eating could also be very expensive during travel. Comparing is not bad because this lead you to better food choices.


This is a funny concept and can be argued in so many ways. I mean, is flavor based more on where the item is grown or how it is grown? I know I really love fresh food compared to days old food. Then again, I have not taken a bite of a fresh California peach.


I can't quite agree with Mimi. I grew up in Baltimore -- close enough to Penna. for purposes of this -- and was lucky enough to have had a father forward-thinking enough to have planted peach trees in our backyard that were mature by the time I was a kid. I grew up eating peaches, peaches, peaches every summer. Any peach I've eaten since then, regardless its provenance, has been but a shadow of those exquisite fruits. It's gotta be because they were from so close by, right? I imagine that the only thing better would be backyard Georgia peaches, but only if you live in the house that that trees are next to.


I agree with going the distance for good food. Some of the best restruants and farmer's markets are far away from my home but I always feel they are worth the distance. Being in a town where home grown foods are rare I hope that more people would feel the same way as I do. Supporting natural or whole food stores is important and I will declare the food not only tastes better but make you feel better. Overall I would have to say maybe it is not distance that makes some foods better just the location. So I feel supporting wholesome establishments should overrule distance.


I don't see why it matters what other people think it is there opinions. My opinion can vary depending on the food or what is happening at the moment. Like if you are really hungry and have not eaten in a long while, some things would probably taste better than what they would if you were just ehh hungry. But to my own taste and whatever, I love finding the best food places by rating and going to them when I can. I once drove 7 and half hours to get a pizza then drove 7 and half hours to get back home. I believe you can only judge based on what you have experienced if that makes sense.


I think there is an importance in eating locally grown, sustainable foods. I think the foods which are grown locally taste better because, not only do they leave a smaller carbon foot print, but local farms seem to take better care of their agriculture. I enjoy delicious foods from all over the world, but I think there is a noble cause in attempting to limit oneself to locally grown food sources. When it comes to food, I think it mostly comes down to personal taste and opinion. I may not see a difference in taste between an orange from Florida and an orange from California, but I know that certain people may have a strong opinion on their produce. For me personally, I enjoy knowing my food choices have a smaller impact on the environment and are more sustainable.


I have a complete combination of all of these opinions. I do believe that foods grown in different places have different tastes. I also believe that locally grown foods do have a tendency of tasting better than mass-produced commercial foods. Foods that are close to the heart or that bring back memories from home (such as in the case Vesna was talking about) can have distinct tastes that people love too.
I agree with Max in saying that when you're absolutely starving, just about anything tastes good. And there are also some incidents when you try something from a food-specific place (like peaches from Georgia) and you didn't have a good experience (the Georgia peach wasn't fully ripened).
Trying new foods in different places or just even ordering something different off of a local menu is a hobby of mine when going out to eat. I just like food in general :)!


Bullshit, Mimi.

A good peach is a good peach. Here in western MA, when the peaches are good, you need new undies after you eat them. I'd invite you up for a try but I think you are too prissy to hang around with.


I disagree with Mimi. It doesn't matter where the food item came from geographically. It just depends on it's taste, Now however people can choose a certain product based on it's brand name. For example making the decision to buy either a Granny Smith,Delicious,or a Fuji apple. In my case I'd prefer a Fuji or a Delicious because both taste good. I'm making this choice because of overall taste, and the particualar brand that I am familiar with, not because of where the fruit was grown. Heck I don't even know where any of these brands of apples are grown.

As for buying local.Don't diss it, love it because in the end your helping the U.S. economy, not the international market.


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