Armed for Cherry Pitting

You could kick some serious ass with Chef'n's new QuickPit, as long as by serious ass you mean cherries and olives. Insert a cherry or olive into the device, pull the trigger, and the pit pops right out into the trash.
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This invention is awesome. When I look at inventions like these it makes me ponder, why didn't I think of this? This is so much easier than having to do it with your teeth, which results in stick fingers and no one wants that, but at the same time it is taking away the traditional way of eating those cherries. The fun times you would have just picking out the seeds of the cherries with your friends, now you can shoot them at eachother. I wonder what the distance the seeds shoot because it could be a potential danger. Now Ralphie what do you want for Christmas? A quick pit Ma! No way kid, you'll shoot your eye out.


I do not eat cherries most of the time but I think it is a good invention. I think it does kind of ruin tradition but with all the new technology that is arising this day in age a lot of traditions are simply not the same. For instance, in college you used to have only have one place to cook and one place to watch television so people would meet each other this way. Now people have everything they need right in their dorms so they do not really have a reason to come out.


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I think inventions like this really just eat away at people because they're so simple yet so effective. Think of the snuggie for instance, its nothing more than a backwards rope. A confused four year old could come up with the snuggie by merely putting on his batman rope the wrong way. I am not a fan of cherries but even I can appreciate the convenience of not having to spit out the seeds while eating them. Its similar to the convenience of eating seedless watermelon.(best fruit on earth)


I also think its so simplistic and like it amazes me that people think and become rich off of items like this. But, it also annoys me that people do make money off of dumb ideas like the snuggie. By the way doug its a robe not a rope... Seeing ideas like this make me nostalgia like hardcore, and then I just get annoyed because I remember ideas like the pet rock. I mean really a pet rock, and back to topic I like the idea of this invention but it's also not something even someone who eats cherry's a lot would possibly buy, thats why i respect the person who made this invention something, took the risk, and is now most likely making a good profit off of it.


This is an ingenious idea. The quickpit will help save a lot of time and energy for bakers because they wont have to remove each individual pit. Any way to cut down on the preparation time is always a plus! It would be great during the summer for cherry pies or fresh fruit salads that any family member would enjoy.


Now this is a great idea,I really like this invention. This makes it easy to get the pit out of seed, i wish i thought of this idea. What makes this even better is that it is really cheap. I think this should be in every kitchen cause this device will definitely be helpful especially if you are one who likes to make cherry pies.


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