Happy Holidays!

Best wishes for a happy holiday and New Year. We will return after January 1.


Medlars Come to California

The medlar, a relative of apples and pears, is being cultivated commercially in California for the first time. After a ripening process called bletting, its pulp turns brown and custardy and "tastes like winy, sweet-tart apple butter laced with cinnamon." Wow.


The Microwave as Candy-maker

Your microwave has a secret identity as a candy making machine.


How To Cook the Perfect "Jacket Potato"

A recipe for the perfect "Jacket Potato," which is apparently British for a baked potato exceedingly soft on the inside with a super-crunchy skin.


Dawn of the Interactive Cake


According to tech blog Gizmodo, Disney has been awarded a patent for so-called "interactive cakes," cakes equipped with miniature projectors that can produce simulations of landscapes and, naturally, Disney characters.

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World's Most Expensive Noodles

A bowl of beef and noodles Niu Ba Ba in Taipei, Taiwan, is the world's most expensive at $324 a bowl.


Jacques Pépin Sings

In a promotion for the upcoming PBS series Essential Pépin, Jacques Pépin sings "Les Feuilles Mortes."


In a Surprise Vote, Senate Passes Food Safety Measure

In a surprise unanimous vote Sunday night, the Senate passed the food safety bill. It now goes back to the House of Representatives.


Food Writer Michael Ruhlman Launches Cooking Tools

All-Strain-set-of-3@5401 Not content to just write books and articles, maintain a popular blog and website, and build cooking apps for smartphones, food writer Michael Ruhlman is now branching out into cookware with a series of cooking tools he has personally developed.

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Study: 75% of Kids Are Caffeinated, Can't Sleep

According to a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers found that 75% of 5 to 12 year old children surveyed consumed caffeine on a daily basis, and the more caffeine the children consumed, the less they slept.