Dawn of the Interactive Cake


According to tech blog Gizmodo, Disney has been awarded a patent for so-called "interactive cakes," cakes equipped with miniature projectors that can produce simulations of landscapes and, naturally, Disney characters.

Okay. That's weird enough. But, how would the cakes be interactive? When cutting a slice or using specially coded utensils, the projectors might instantly create a special effect. For example, Captain Hook might instantly appear and draw his sword as one approaches the cake with a knife.

The website StitchKingdom has more details on the technological possibilities of interactive cakes:

The system would be capable of detecting the topography of a cake which essentially means that if a slice were to be cut out, it could detect the missing piece and respond appropriately. For example, cut out a slice where there’s a simulated lake and you may instantly create a waterfall in which water is now represented as flowing down the sides of the new missing cake portion. Additionally, props and specially coded utensils could trigger events such as Tinker Bell flying around the cake and leaving a trail of pixie dust when someone waves a wand in front of the cake. Perhaps Captain Hook would instantly appear and draw his sword, preparing for battle, as someone approaches the cake with a knife.



Do they really need a patent for that. A world of possibilities, huh.


I think this is very cool and just the start for ideas. Like they could link that idea with like Xbox, PS, or Wii and make a really cool interactive interface for any of the systems. Interactive projection could be added to countless things, and I would love to see it come to the modern world in shopping centers, home, and where ever for a affordable price.


Is there anything Disney can't do these days? This speaks volumes of how fast our technology is evolving. If we are already thinking about putting this kind of technology in a food product, than I can only imagine what that future will bring us. The only thing I'm worried about when it comes to this cake is how much will it cost? Anything that interactive would have to cost a small fortune considering how much the average celebrity pays for their cakes.


The advancement of technology is incredible. For a cake to have such a thing astounds me. It is even more amazing that this is interactive so it can detect when you are going to cut a piece. Cakes sold at the popular bakeries in places like New York or Los Angeles can range anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 depending on the design as well as the size. I can only imagine that something this advanced would cost well above those amounts. Where would you be able to buy a cake like this?


What Isn't there that Technology can't do these days! Its amazing that a simulated cake would be like a super mind to the food world. Never would you expect a cake to be able to respond to your actions. However since this cake is so technology equipped. The resulting edible image must be pretty pricey. Just when can we expect this Super cake to be available to purchase on the market, & just how much would it cost? I suggest Disney test try this patent cake, by putting it on the dessert menu, for the ultimate dinning experience upon Disney Cruise Lines.


I can't believe the ways in which technology is advancing in our every day society. The idea of an interactive cake is absolutely ridiculous. It is a very original idea, but I can only imagine how much an interactive cake would cost. I don't think many people will be able to afford such a cake. This idea almost seems to be a little much, and leaves me wondering whether this is a wise way to expand on technology and how far the simple idea of a cake can be taken.


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