Genetically Modified Apple Never Browns

A Canadian biotechnology company has asked the U.S. to approve a genetically modified apple (dubbed the "Botox apple") that won't brown right after it's sliced.


A French Press for Cold Coffee

Bodumicecoffeemaker Bodum's new Bean Ice Coffee Maker repurposes the traditional French press for making iced coffee.

Coffee and cold water are poured into the jug and sealed with a lid (included) for overnight steeping. In the morning, the lid is replaced with the plunger for pressing, and your iced coffee is ready to drink.

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Single-Minded Menus

The New York Times explores the popularity of "single-food restaurants" and their urban appeal.


Happy Thanksgiving

We'll be back next week post-holiday.


Onion: President Obama Weighs Turkey Pardon

Courtesy of The Onion, President Obama's personal flowchart deconstructing the ethics of pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.


Sweets or Cocaine?

According to a new study, when given a choice between sweets and cocaine, male rats prefer sweets, while female rats would rather have cocaine.


A Mystery Meat Mystery

Carnival Cruise Lines is denying it ever served Spam to passengers aboard the ill-fated Carnival Splendor cruise.


Kanye West Buys Up Fatburger Franchises

Rapper Kanye West has bought the franchise rights for 10 Fatburger restaurants in Chicago.


Sack Up: Tuzu Biberi Salt and Pepper Shakers

Screen shot 2010-11-22 at 3.00.57 PM

Emir Rifat Isik's sack-like Tuzu Biberi Salt and Pepper Shakers eschew hard surfaces for fabric and stitching. If only one could find a place to buy them.

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The Coming Rye Apocalypse

The popularity of rye (blame Don Draper, among others), is leading to a shortage of the liquor.