The Book of Yuck


Yuck! The Things People Eat, a new book by food photographer Neil Setchfield, profiles some of the world's oddest -- and often most gut-wrenching -- delicacies, from stir-fried tarantulas to smoked rat and Korean penis fish.

Setchfield told AOL News that it was his Welsh upbringing, rich with dinners of tripe and onions, that primed him for the project of documenting offbeat cuisine. "I'm Welsh, so we'll eat anything. I blame my parents and my upbringing for leading me down this weird career path," said Setchfield. "I was made for this."

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I have been really interested in reading different kinds of books lately, and this one is definitely different. People eat such strange things all over the world. I would like to think I'm open minded about food, and would like to try anything at least once, but things like "smoked rat and Korean penis fish" just don't sound all that appetizing to me! Either way, food is once of the most interesting topics and a book about all the strange things people eat seems perfect.


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