Food Manufacturers Plan Front of Package Label

Responding to pressure from federal regulators, the Grocery Manufacturers Association said it would develop a labeling system for the front of food packages that would highlight the nutritional content of foods.


Chain Restaurants Get in on Food Truck Trend

A small but growing number of restaurant chains are joining the food truck trend with their own mobile units.


Kitchen Mashups: Parchment + Foil = "Martha Wrap"

Marthawrap Martha Stewart is launching a now parchment-lined aluminum foil that "combines the insulation of foil with the nonstick protection of parchment." Naturally, the new product is called Martha Wrap. Not to be confused with Martha's raps, which are legendary.

I haven't seen the new product in person, but press materials describe some of its benefits. The wrap is easy to pinch and fold to create a steaming pouch for cooking en papillote. It's thicker and five times stronger than regular aluminum foil for tear resistance. And, when freezing foods, the parchment lining provides a protective, nonstick barrier against the foil side.

$4.99 for a 40 foot roll. Available at Safeway stores.


In Defense of Candy

Is candy evil or simply misunderstood?


Winespeak 101

Some wine terms you might not know, from "flabby" ("flat taste due to insufficient acidity") to "dumb" ("almost no aroma"). Via Eater.


Coming Soon: The Mark Bittman Diet Book

Bittman-about-portrait During an interview on WNYC with Leonard Lopate to promote his new book, The Food Matters Cookbook (full interview below), Mark Bittman hinted that he is currently working on a diet book, presumably based on his personal shift toward a "lessmeatarian" approach to eating and cooking.

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The Clinton Bump

The New York Times reports on the marketing power conferred on restaurants by a visit from former president Bill Clinton: "He is doing for restaurants around the world what George Washington once did in America for places to sleep."


Ferran Adria Announces Barcelona Projects

Chef Ferran Adrià has announced two new projects in Barcelona, Spain: Tickets, a tapas bar, and 41º, a cocktail bar.


Fact Checking Jamie Oliver

The Guardian puts Jamie Oliver's 30-minute recipes to the test: Can they really be cooked in 30 minutes, and do they taste any good?