Farmers' Markets Outraged Over Supermarket Copycats

Farmers and farmers' market organizers are outraged over supermarket chains that are using the term "farmers' market" in their store advertising.

From Meat Dress to Beef Jerky

Lady Gaga's controversial raw meat dress will be dried out, turned into beef jerky, and preserved for posterity.

Gourmet Live: First Impressions

GourmetLive_Home This morning I took the new Gourmet Live iPad app (free at the iTunes app store) for a test drive and got lost in a dozen or so articles on grilling.

I don't mean I got lost in the metaphorical sense of, you know, getting lost in reading these articles. No, I literally got stuck in a page of articles about grilling and there was no way of going anywhere else in the app. The experience was a little Tron-like, though things could be worse than getting stuck looking at recipes for skirt steak for a lifetime.

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Espresso 101 With Andrea Illy

Andrea Illy, CEO of illycaffé, tells the Wall Street Journal how he likes to make espresso. Unsurprisingly, he recommends purchasing coffee beans that are already ground.

Condé Nast Launches Gourmet Live iPad App

Condé Nast has just unveiled its new Gourmet Live iPad app, downloadable at the iTunes app store for free.

An Olive Tree Grows in Georgia

Georgia farmers banking on olive groves.

A Short History of Swizzle Sticks

What would Don Draper stir with?

Meet the Boil Buoy


The Boil Buoy floats in a pot of water and screams out with a chime when the water starts boiling (much less painful than using your finger to elicit an alarm).

But, seriously, this is kind of a good idea. Just imagine how much cleaning you could save yourself by rushing back into the kitchen to adjust the heat just in time  before your pasta water boils over onto the stove? If it could only tweet the water temperature, it would be perfect.

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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and Sparkling Water

A new drinking fountain in Paris is dispensing free sparkling water in an attempt to wean Parisians from plastic bottles.

Clifton's Cafeteria Sold

L.A.'s Clifton's Cafeteria has been sold after eight decades of family ownership. The new owner says he plans to keep the iconic restaurant open.