veg·e·ta·ble butch·er


veg·e·ta·ble butch·er (noun): a person who trims, peels, and otherwise prepares fresh vegetables for customers to cook at home.

New York City's installment of the Piemontese food market Eataly, set to open on August 31, 2010, will feature a vegetable butcher in its produce department, according to chef and restaurateur Mario Batali, a partner in the venture.

Batali explained the role of the vegetable butcher to New York magazine:

If you’re not familiar with how to trim an artichoke, we’ll trim you an artichoke. If you don’t think you have time to peel your baby carrots, you can leave them with us and go shop in the other parts of the store, and we’ll peel them. We’ll do anything but cook them. On your way out, we’ll put the peels in a little separate bag—because they’re going to weigh them at the checkout counter—and then they go into a compost can up front.

Jennifer Rubell, an installation artist with culinary school training who is known for her food art projects, will serve as Eataly's vegetable butcher. She described vegetable butchering to New York as both a service to shoppers and a kind of performance art: "You know the line between what I do that’s art and isn’t art is so super-fuzzy... So it’s authentically a part of Eataly, and it will exist after I stop doing it. But at the same time, I see it as a kind of performance.”



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