A Restaurant Blog for Discerning Diners With Kids

Screen shot 2010-08-11 at 2.37.43 PM My friend Jessica Ritz (she of the Los Angeles-based food blog Ritz Bites) has just launched Taster Tots LA, a great new restaurant blog covering the Los Angeles restaurant scene from the perspective of food-obsessed parents who want to dine out (and eat well) with their kids.

I asked Jessica why she started Taster Tots LA:

There are tons of sites about restaurants and kid-oriented cooking, but restaurant blogs specifically for parents is still a fairly unoccupied niche in Los Angeles. I started Taster Tots L.A. because I eat out with my kids a lot already, and I talk to other parents about where they like to take their children.

I also want to focus on the little details that concern parents, since people might mistake, say, really loud restaurants for being "family-friendly." It's more than that. We want to know is there a changing table, are there high chairs, what's the parking like -- those sorts of things.

Reviews are already up for Starry Kitchen, Pitfire Pizza, and Golden State. So, what happens when an unsuspecting eatery gets a vote of confidence from Taster Tots LA? Mindful of the sometimes heated debate over the presence of kids in restaurants, Jessica offers a diplomatic approach: "There are a lot of strong feelings about kids in restaurants. I'd like to bring some civility to that conversation. But I hope restaurant owners don't hate me if I endorse their place as being great for kids!"



I couldn't find this article! I love using focaccia for sandwiches with some good salami, so I wanted to know why I shouldn't do that!


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