Cherpumple, The Turducken of Desserts

Cherpumple is the turducken of desserts: a layered cake with a pie baked in every layer. Via @MyLastBite.

A Stand-Up Rice Paddle

M_86452This is kind of genius. The Standing Rice Scoop solves the conundrum of where to put the rice paddle after you've served rice.

Put an ordinary paddle back in the pot, and the cover remains ajar, letting the rice cool and dry out. But, leave the paddle out, and you'll get sticky rice on the table. Instead, this brilliant standing paddle from Japan stands upright, so you can completely re-seal your rice pot and keep your table clean. Brilliant.

Made of polypropylene, with an embossed surface to prevent sticking. Dishwasher-safe. $8.00 at MoMA.


A Sweetness Scale for Alsace Wines

The head of Alsace's regional wine association is calling for wine producers in the region to introduce a one-to-five scale labeling system to indicate the sweetness of their wines.

Ridiculous Celebrity Food Endorsements

Ridiculous celebrity food endorsements, from Heidi Klum-branded candies to Young MC cheese curls.

Trends: When it Comes to Food Styling, Messy is In

For professional photo shoots, food that looks messy is in demand over dishes that look fussy.

veg·e·ta·ble butch·er


veg·e·ta·ble butch·er (noun): a person who trims, peels, and otherwise prepares fresh vegetables for customers to cook at home.

New York City's installment of the Piemontese food market Eataly, set to open on August 31, 2010, will feature a vegetable butcher in its produce department, according to chef and restaurateur Mario Batali, a partner in the venture.

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At Coffee Bars, Laptops are Less Welcome

Through architecture and furniture choices, proprietors of "coffee bars" make their establishments unwelcome to lingering laptop-users that otherwise clog cafes and coffee shops.


Asia Surpasses Europe in Beer Production, Consumption

According to the Economist, in 2009 Asia surpassed Europe in beer production and consumption for the first time.


UNESCO "Heritage" Status for the Mediterranean Diet

olive oil (istockphoto) According to a report in the Guardian, the Mediterranean Diet -- rich in olive oil, whole grains, fish, fruits, and vegetables -- will likely be granted "heritage" status by the UN agency UNESCO. The ratifying vote is expected to take place at the UNESCO’s November 14-19 meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

While the UNESCO world heritage list is typically associated with historic landmarks and ancient architecture, after four years of lobbying, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Morocco have prevailed upon UNESCO to include the Mediterranean Diet on its Cultural Heritage List, according to the Olive Oil Times.

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A Barbecue Pilgrimage

At Slate, a journey to Kansas City, Memphis, Arkansas, and Texas in pursuit of America's best barbecue.