Introducing the iDish


An enterprising Japanese blogger has transformed his iPad into a virtual sushi platter. It's a revolutionary idea with one nasty flaw: your iPad might be left with an unwelcome fishy smell.

The first experiment (above) involved turning a less-than-appealing package of supermarket tuna sushi and turning it into something more appetizing. After re-plating the sushi on his iPad, it suddenly became delicious!

All of a sudden, it became yummy-looking sushi,

I almost forget it was in a pack.

iDish, A magical and revolutionary product.


The blog recounts additional experiments, including eating off of a virtual grill, rice from a hand, and the capacity to multitask and answer a few emails while chowing down.

Despite the innovation, our intrepid gastrotechnologist warns against trying the iDish yourself, particularly after experiencing the enduring aroma of salmon sashimi: "My iPad got fishy smell. You need to be careful.... even if you are interested in iDish after reading this article, I don't recommend you to do it with your iPad."

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