The Art of Extreme Potato Mashing

Smasher Joseph Joseph's Smasher is not your ordinary potato masher.

With its spring-loaded handle and a cup at the base designed to hold the potato firmly in place, this gadget is engineered to take your potato mashing to another level.

Let's do this.

$16 at Joseph Joseph.


Is Chicken Pumped Up With Salt and Water Still "Natural"?

Should chicken that has been injected with salt, water, and other ingredients be promoted as "natural"? A debate between poultry producers and health advocates has prompted federal officials to consider changing labeling guidelines.

"Tasty Transgenics"

"Enviropigs" and other futuristic fauna being  engineered for your dining and ecological pleasure.

Cocktail Tips, Straight from the Lab

Don't crush the entire mint leaf for your mojito, just "gently muddle or abrade the surfaces of the leaves" where the herb's signature aromatic compounds are located. This and other science-based cocktail tips from writer Harold McGee. Via eater.

cof·fee name

Coffeename cof·fee name (noun): An alias given when ordering a drink at a coffee shop when one's real name has proven too difficult for the barista to pronounce and/or transcribe on a coffee cup.

See also: nom de ca·fé.

NPR's Michele Norris recently interviewed Shefali Kulkarni, a Starbucks patron who goes by the coffee name "Sheila":

Shefali Kulkarni is the name of my next guest. But at Starbucks, she's known as Sheila. You see, Sheila is her fake coffee name, and by that, I mean, the name she gives the barista at Starbucks when she orders her coffee and waits for someone to call her name when it's ready.

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Harris Poll: Rachael Ray Tops Cooking Shows

According to a new Harris Poll of television cooking show viewers, Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals is the most popular program. Tied for second are Paula's Home Cooking and Emeril Live.

Francis Ford Coppola's Restaurant Opens Today

Rustic, the new restaurant from winemaker and filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola opens today in Geyserville in Napa Sonoma Valley. It will feature "Italian country cooking," an Argentinean parrilla grill, and Martin Scorsese's mom's lemon chicken.


UK Public Health Minister: Trade "Fat" for "Obese"

British Public Health Minister Anne Milton is urging doctors to call overweight patients "fat" rather than "obese" to motivate weight loss.

The Power of Butter

According to a new study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, butter could be used as a raw material for making diesel fuel.


U.S. Restaurant Numbers Continue Decline

According to The NPD Group, the number of restaurants in the United States has fallen by 5,204 units, a 1% decline from the total number of restaurants recorded in spring of 2009. While chains remained largely stable, independent restaurants suffered the most.