The Art of Container Grilling

Windowboxgrill Think you don't have room for a grill?

The BBQ BRUCE takes a charcoal grill and shoehorns it into something about the size of a windowbox for container gardening. The steel grill is designed to attach to a balcony, but it appears that it may also be removed from the bracket and set down directly on the table as well.

€ 49,90 (~$61) at



Great art you have.


Excellent idea for one person! Thanks for the info!


Alas, this is still highly illegal in NYC...


Just wanted to commend you on this piece before I click on the links :)


It's cool and lots of fun.


I couldn't find this article! I love using focaccia for sandwiches with some good salami, so I wanted to know why I shouldn't do that!


This article was written well. This is an interesting twist of history in many different ways.


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