The MenuPad

Does the iPad hold promise as a new, interactive format for restaurant menus?


Freud Coffee Plunger: Press to Impress

Freudcoffeeplunger An alternative to the basic Bodum press pot, the Freud Coffee Plunger sports a vaguely nautical design and a stubby wood handle. The coffee pots come in two sizes, large (1 liter) and small (300 ml).

How does it compare to a Bodum in terms of functionality? I have no idea, but it certainly looks cool.

£48.95 (roughly $73) for the small pot at Graham and Green.


Roger Ebert Pens Rice Cooker Cookbook

Roger Ebert has written a book about rice cookers, titled The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker. It's due out in bookstores in September.


On Food Writing and Free Meals

The New York Times recaps the Ozersky wedding scandal and asks the question, "When Is a Free Meal Just Part of a Writer’s Job?"


Scoop Sponge: The Sponge for Germaphobes

Scoopsponge The curvaceous design of Full Circle's Scoop Sponge minimizes contact with the sink or counter while it's not being used, increasing the speed at which it will dry out, thereby limiting opportunities for bacteria to fester in moist places.

$4.50 at


You Got Your Fish in My Vodka

The Alaska Distillery in Wasilla (uh oh) has created a smoked-salmon flavored vodka.


Porky Kibbutz Draws Ire

Is it Kosher to raise pigs on a kibbutz?


Food Art: I Love Your Egg Beaters


"I Love Your Egg Beaters," a digital print made from drawings of whisks, whips, and, naturally, egg-beaters, is $25 for an 8x10 print at the Studio Mela Etsy store.


German Wine Region at Risk

Plans to build one of Germany's biggest bridges and a four-lane highway through the Mosel valley, where the Riesling wine is produced, have outraged local winemakers and wine critics.


Airplane Food Safety Questioned

According to a report by USA TODAY, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspectors have cited numerous catering facilities that prepare airline food for suspected health and sanitation violations.