Wolfgang Puck Joins "Smurfs" Cast

Cook Entertainment Weekly reports that Wolfgang Puck will voice the role of Chef Smurf in the upcoming Smurfs movie due out next summer.

If you aren't familiar with the character, according to to the official smurf site (smurf.com), Chef Smurf is known in particular for his baking prowess:

With his toque and spotless white apron, it's easy to spot Cook Smurf. From his house you usually can smell delicious warm buns, crusty brioches and every type of cake and tart. The Smurfs absolutely love the various creations of this talented cordon bleu.

Interestingly, Wikipedia's entry on the Smurf characters indicates that there's a vegetarian bent to Chef Smurf's culinary repertoire: "Smurfs are mainly vegetarian, so he never uses meat, but does use eggs. He always wears his toque blanche (white chef's hat)."

Hope this won't be a problem for Puck, whose restaurant empire of course includes the steakhouse CUT in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Correction: According to Eater, Puck will voice Chef Smurf, but actor B.J. Novak will perform the voice for Baker Smurf.



cook smurf != chef smurf


Looking forward to seeing Wolfgang in blue! I just read that Thomas Keller worked with Ratatouille and Mario Batali was in Fantastic Mr. Fox. Hmmm… could Emeril or Giada be next?

Cheryl, The NAFEM Show (@TheNAFEMShow)


Perhaps there's an all-seafood version out there.


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