A Cleaning Tool for the OCD Oenophile

Talk about your niche cleaning products: Casabella's Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponges are designed just for obsessive compulsive oenophiles:

The rounded end of this uniquely shaped sponge hugs the curves of red and white wine glasses, while the pointed end reaches into the bottom of champagne flutes. Plus, there is a tiny slot in the sponge for quick cleaning of glass rims and easy removal of lipstick stains. Fiber on one side for wine or water marks and cellulose on the other for general cleaning. Safe for all types of glass and fine crystal.

$9.95 for a set of two at The Spoon Sisters.



I wish they would come out with a stylish bottle cleaner, I can think of so many uses for them. If you recall, they had a long wire with brush at the end that could be pushed through a small opening. I have a couple of vases, and some water bottles that I like to re-use that could use a scrub!


Absolutely genius. I'm waiting for the products now that will do bottles as well!


Sheesh -- ten dollars! You know, you can just cut a regular sponge with a pair of scissors.


Gotta get this. It was made for caterers. Can't tell you how many times we've gotten nailed for leaving miniscule "little fuzzies" on wine glasses.


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