Mark Bittman: There's an App for That

Howtocookapp I've just started playing around with the just-launched iPhone app edition of Mark Bittman's book How to Cook Everything.

It contains the entire contents of Bittman's door-stoppingly huge recipe opus, including 2,000 recipes, which have been indexed for searching by ingredient, type of dish, flavor, technique, and speed of preparation.

There's also a shopping list function for automatically adding recipe ingredient lists to a to-buy grocery list.

I should have a review of the app up tomorrow.



Can you actually cross reference all of this information? Iy sounds like a great app for budding cooks and fans.


All Mark Bittman needs now is to start his own shop and connect that up to the app, then people could order on their iphone from his book and get all the ingredients for his recipes delivered...sorted!


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