How To: Keep Half an Avocado from Turning Brown

Ingenuity strikes: spray a thin film of cooking oil on a leftover half of an avocado, and it will remain unblemished for as many as three days (as long as you can hold out eating it for that long).


King of Port

"In a concrete bunker somewhere beneath Massachusetts, one man has been quietly amassing a prodigious amount of port for more than two decades."


Foods With Names That Bite

Ten offensively-named foods, from Friar's Balls to Virgin's Breasts.


Australian Restaurant Discriminates Against "Gay Dog"

An Australian restaurant was fined after turning away a blind customer because the staff thought his guide dog was a "gay dog." Huh?


Court Rules Against "Sneaky Chef"

A federal appeals court ruled that Jessica Seinfeld did not plagiarize techniques in her book, Deceptively Delicious, from Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef. A separate lawsuit by Lapine against the publisher and Jerry Seinfeld is still pending in New York State Supreme Court.


Food52 vs. Cook's Illustrated Showdown Looms

A judgment will soon be made in the great debate over crowdsourced vs. professionally-tested recipes.


Recipe: David Lebovitz's Chocolate Bread

David Lebovitz is killing me with this recipe for chocolate bread.


Multitasking Appliances: Toast and Brew

A new kitchen appliance combines a toaster and coffeemaker.


Greens (and Reds and Golds): A Recipe to Greet the Spring

Set in historic Fort Mason, with a view of the glorious Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, San Francisco's Greens Restaurant holds its own, an institution in itself. When the landmark restaurant first opened, it was revolutionary in its use of fresh, local produce and elevated vegetarian cuisine. Now 30 years later, Greens is still going strong, surrounded by countless restaurants whose menus owe much to its influence.

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