BBQ Basics from a BBQ Expert


I just received a review copy of meat and barbecue expert Adam Perry Lang's new grilling cookbook, BBQ 25. Unlike his last book, Serious Barbecue, a much more comprehensive guide to barbecue and grilling, this book is stripped-down to 25 simplified ("foolproof") recipes for basic meat cuts. Mind you, many require some advance prep brining meat, so the recipes won't quite translate into instant gratification. Nevertheless, they look accessible and tasty.

One frustration is that most of the recipes appear to serve six to eight people. This is great if you're planning a meal for a large group, but ratcheting down the amount of ingredients in the marinades is going to be an annoyance if you're only cooking for 2 to 4 people.

Designed like a notebook with photos, how-to illustrations, and handwritten notes scrawled across the pictures, BBQ 25 is published in a board book format. This is a nice practical design step, for not only can you handle it with your marinade-covered and blackened fingers without fear of destroying the book, you can give it to your baby to gnaw away at and get her own early education in grilling.



Barbecuing is something we all think we can do but more often than not the results turn out to be less than satisfying. I don't know if a book like this is enough though and like you say Josh, I often don't want to spoil my books by flipping pages when I'm marinading. Perhaps that's why I don't do so good.


I really like the idea of paring it down to a smaller group of recipes. Many cookbooks become overwhelming with too many great things to cook.


The author's comment about the book having recipes that serve 6-8 persons is a bit silly. BBQ is usually a type of cooking that yields food for this amount of diners. Ribs or brisket for two? No way. Chickens really don't come in the two person size either. Go out and make good BBQ and invite your friends!


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