farm gals


farm gals (noun): Urban (but rural-curious) young Japanese women with an interest in fashion and farming.

An article entitled "Fashionista farm gals of Tokyo," appearing on the United Nations University website Our World 2.0, described the phenomenon:

In rice fields almost 700 kilometres away from the Japanese capital Tokyo, you can find 20-something city girls working hard in a swirl of dust. You can’t miss them because their fashion inevitably stands out in a paddy — colourful clothes and high heeled boots, over-dyed blonde hair, lush eye lashes and long polished nails. Reflexively, you may cast a hasty second glance, because they are so unexpected. Are they really farmers, you may ask? The answer is YES.

The term farm gals - Nogyaru, in Japanese - is a combination of the words nogyo (agriculture) and gyaru (gals).

The rice farming project is the creation of Shiho Fujita, a 24 year-old pop singer, who is growing rice on a farm in the Akita Prefecture which will be sold under the brand "Shibuya Rice," denoting Tokyo's fashion and shopping district that is frequented by so many trendsetting gyaru. She is also the author of a book on "gal farming."



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