A Moleskine Just for Meal Planning

Thinking about an iPad for your recipe collection? Here's an alternative: a sleek handheld pad for collecting and organizing recipes. It's eminently mobile and doesn't even need batteries.

One of the journals in Moleskine's new "Passions" series, the 240-page Moleskine Recipe Journal  includes food calendars, food facts, measurements, and conversions; six theme-based sections for appetizers, first courses, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and cocktails; and six tabbed sections for your own personalization. Adhesive labels are also included for additional customization.

$13.57 at amazon.com.



Darn that Moleskin. They do everything so well!


That's a great recipe journal. Thanks for sharing the Moleskin.


I have this notebook and it's great! The only problem is that I keep forgetting to bring it into the kitchen when I find a new recipe


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