'Tis the Season for Starkbierzeit

Today begins Starkbierzeit, strong beer season, in Munich. Starkbierzeit originated with 17th century monks who drank the beer instead of of solid food during Lent.


Canada's Post-Game Beer Bash Frowned Upon

The gold medal-winning Canadian women's hockey team is being scrutinized for its beer, champagne, and cigar-laden celebration on ice.


Eat Like Apolo

Speed skater Apolo Ohno's daily calorie intake can rise as high as 8,000 calories in a day during his heaviest training.


Tim Burton's White Queen Based on Nigella Lawson


The Los Angeles Times reports that film director Tim Burton based the White Queen in his new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland on TV cook and cookbook author Nigella Lawson. The character in the movie is played by Anne Hathaway.

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Dept. of Faux Pas: Ikea Kitchen Installed in Gramercy Park Apt.

A couple is being sued by their former tenants for installing an "ugly" Ikea kitchen in a deluxe apartment in the sky (atop the Gramercy Park Hotel, actually).


To Live, Eat, and Die in L.A.

Restaurant critic Jonathan Gold has kindly furnished a list of the 99 things you must eat in Los Angeles before you die.


Bots That Cook

The New York Times surveys the state of the art in robotic cookery.


The Rachael Ray of India

Indian TV chef Sanjeev Kapoor's books have sold an estimated 10 million copies, and his website pulls in 25 million hits a month. Next up: his own cable channel.


Gastromemes: The Cookie Splash

Cookie Splash (Desirée Delgado)

What's big on flickr? High-speed images of cookies splashing down into a cup of coffee, according to Bon Appetit.

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Gender Equality for Cupcakes

A new bakery caters to dudes who may like cupcakes, but bristle at pastel-hued frosting.