Like Netflix, But With More Caffeine

Increasingly small micro-roasters around the country, from Klatch Coffee in San Dimas, CA to Higher Ground in Leeds, AL, are developing national reputations as the coffee connoisseur's destination for impeccably sourced, freshly roasted beans.

To open up the world of artisanal roasters to the general coffee-drinking public, San Francisco-based GoCoffeeGo has created a one-stop online shop where customers can order beans from many of the nation's biggest names in small coffee. Shoppers can place a one-time order by the bag or create a Netflix-style queue to try new coffees from the various purveyors, which include the aforementioned as well as Ritual, Metropolis, and Cuvee. That means one week, your mailbox will be filled with the aroma of light citrus-scented beans from Costa Rica by way of a roaster in Kansas, and two weeks later with the scent of a rich espresso grown in Indonesia and roasted in Santa Cruz. For those overwhelmed by all of the choices, the site sorts coffee by roast, region, and brew type and also features a character called Professor Peaberry who makes recommendations.

Prices range from around $10.99/lb to whopping $37.95 for some of the beans from the special, reserve section of the site known as Peaberry's Private Reserve. A little more expensive than your Netflix queue for sure, but these beans smell a lot better than Season Four of The Wire.



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