MenuPages Launches iPhone App


Gizmodo reports that MenuPages has launched a new iPhone app.

According to Gizmodo, restaurant pages can be pulled up by your current location, and reservations are available for select restaurants via an affiliation with OpenTable.

The app is free of charge.

Image: Gizmodo



Thanks for introducing this application. Will make sure to check it out.


This looks like an awesome app! I can't count how many times I could have used an application like this in the past, looking forward to downloading it to my iPhone after work today! Thanks for sharing!


I just started learning to cook, or I should probably say I just started learning to cook really well, and this looks like the perfect app for my iPhone! I started taking classes at a culinary arts school near my house and they have really made me love cooking. Thanks for letting me know this app is out there, I am going to download it tonight!


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