Food Tweeps Battle for Shorty Award Nominations

Today is the last day for voting for nominations for a Shorty Award -- the Oscars of the Twitterverse. See who's leading in the food category.


Restaurateur Finds Business Model in the Beatles

"John was the food, the steak and potatoes. Paul was the ambience, the sound. George was the service, the soul of the place. And Ringo, the price point."


Pork Is the New Viagra

Argentina's President Christina Fernandez is promoting pork as an alternative to Viagra. After a recent BBQ pork dinner, she said: "things went very well that weekend, so it could well be true."


Gail Simmons' Guide to Packing

The Top Chef judge never gets on a plane without dried bananas and Valrhona chocolate.


Meet the McItaly

McDonald's launches a new line of burgers in Italy with toppings like artichoke spread and asiago cheese -- all sourced from within Italy's borders (official site).


MenuPages Launches iPhone App


Gizmodo reports that MenuPages has launched a new iPhone app.

According to Gizmodo, restaurant pages can be pulled up by your current location, and reservations are available for select restaurants via an affiliation with OpenTable.

The app is free of charge.

Image: Gizmodo


Burning Questions: "Is there a food equivalent to a snuff film?"

"In Little Tokyo, you once could get braised bear paw, at an absolutely bowel-clenching price, until the Chinese restaurant that served it was shut down."


Obama Nominates Food Safety Chief

The White House announced the nomination of Elisabeth Hagen, who currently holds the position of USDA chief medical officer, for undersecretary for Food Safety at the Department of Agriculture. The position has been vacant for nearly a year.


In Pursuit of the Perfect Sauce

Over at epicurious: read how canned tomatoes, butter, and an onion come together to make the perfect tomato sauce.