Jamie Oliver Launches Dating Site

Would you trust the Naked Chef to find you a romantic partner?

Jamiecupid2 Building on his online readership of 1.4 million unique visitors per month, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has launched a dating site.

According to Marketing Magazine (via @BrettAndersonTP), the Jamie Oliver-branded site is a collaboration with the Match.com online dating service. Under the tagline "Where food lovers meet," it displays dating profiles and photos, along with recipes, dinner date tips, and advice on the food that "will make you fall in love."

And, if an actual marriage emerges as a result of the dating site, Oliver is offering to do the catering. Well, sort of, he declares in a promo video:

"And you never know i could do the catering! Actually, that's probably not a good thing to say because you're just going to get married so I'll do the catering."



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