Bun, Now Out of the Oven

So, what's going on here? Why the radio silence this week at The Food Section? I 'fess up to a major case of distraction.

Last Friday morning, a new addition to the family made his appearance known. Say hello to our new son, Asher!

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Kraft Bid for Cadbury May Face New Rival

Chocolatiers Hershey and Ferrero are said to be considering teaming up for a "friendly bid" on Cadbury, potentially trumping Kraft's hostile bid.

Two's a Trend: Matryoshka Measuring Cups

Worldwide Fred has updated the iconic matryoshka doll as a useful kitchen gadget. At right, Fred's M-Cups ($12.50 at perpetual kid) are a set of six plastic measuring cups that nest like the real Russian tchochkes. Anthropologie's version (left) -- a set of three Matryoshka Measuring Cups ($28) -- aim for a more traditional look, though they are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Big in Japan: Mega Meals

Giant bowls of food -- containing as much as 2,248 calories -- are in high demand among young Japanese men.

Slumming for Food Porn Rejects? There's An App for That

A new site called TasteStopping solely publishes food photographs that have been "rejected, declined or otherwise spurned by one of the myriad 'elite' sites out there (ahem…TasteSpotting, FoodGawker, PhotoGrazing…ahem)."

Jamie Oliver Launches Dating Site

Would you trust the Naked Chef to find you a romantic partner?

Jamiecupid2 Building on his online readership of 1.4 million unique visitors per month, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has launched a dating site.

According to Marketing Magazine (via @BrettAndersonTP), the Jamie Oliver-branded site is a collaboration with the Match.com online dating service. Under the tagline "Where food lovers meet," it displays dating profiles and photos, along with recipes, dinner date tips, and advice on the food that "will make you fall in love."

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Getting the Jump on Thanksgiving

Mark Bittman has 101 ideas for Thanksgiving dishes that can be made in advance of the holiday, allowing you to pace yourself when T-Day does actually does arrive.

Wine Entrepreneur Pleads Guilty to Arson

Wine entrepreneur and writer Mark C. Anderson, who created a cellaring service for wine collectors, pleads guilty to burning the warehouse down, destroying $200 million in wines. The prosecutor planned to celebrate with a "good Cabernet."

Culinary Xenophobia

Not only is the movement against kebabs in Italy gaining ground, French butter has been taken off the Italian parliament's restaurant menu and cops in Tuscany uprooted and seized "unauthorized Chinese vegetables" planted by Chinese immigrants.