Giant Cookbooks Descend on New York at Phaidon Pop-Up Store


Phaidon, the publisher of such door-stoppingly huge cooking tomes as The Silver Spoon and 1080 Recipes, and -- more recently -- I Know How to Cook and Coco: 10 of the World's Greatest Chefs, 100 Emerging Culinary Stars, will open a pop-up store in New York City for the holiday season.

The temporary shop, called PHAIDON|STORE, will occupy a 2,500-square-foot retail space at 100 Wooster Street (between Prince and Spring) from November 2, 2009, through January 2010.

According to a press release, the shop will hold special events and offer concierge services and same-day delivery in Manhattan. Here's hoping they won't charge by the pound.


CHOW Takes on Yelp, Launches National Restaurant Index

Watch out, Yelp. CHOW has launched a searchable restaurant index with user reviews and tie-ins to related discussions on Chowhound.

Saveur Resorts to (Gasp) Blogging

According to Gael Greene, Saveur, which famously created the not-a-blog "aggregator" The Feed, later renamed The Daily Fare, has apparently hired Josh Ozersky (late of Citysearch) to, well, blog.

Costco to Accept Food Stamps

Costco announced it will start accepting food stamps at its 420 stores nationwide. As of June, more than 35 million people received food stamps.

Chemists Identify Formula for the Perfect Gravy

3zh+C_sM.jpg Following in the footsteps of such important scientific breakthroughs as the formulas for the perfect bacon sandwich, perfect pancake, and perfect Yorkshire Pudding, the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK claims to have come up with "a chemistry-based recipe for the perfect gravy."

Chemist and author John Emsley has fine-tuned a gravy recipe that includes a surprise ingredient: soy sauce. Why? To bring out the umami flavor of the gravy, he says.

Also in the mix: the juices of a roast joint of meat, flour, the water from boiling cabbage, iodized salt, pepper, and something called "gravy browning" (caramelized sugar). There you have it.


Gourmet Cookbook Sales Rise as Magazine Tumbles

Not only is Gourmet Today selling better than 2006’s Gourmet Cookbook, interest in the cookbook has increased since the news of Gourmet magazine's demise. Via eater.

Terroir Shmerroir

Geologists say the idea of terroir as an influence on the flavor of wine is bunk: "[W]hatever 'minerality' in wine is, it is not the taste of vineyard minerals."

NYC School Food to Get More "Yum-O"

Rachael Ray is collaborating with the New York City public schools -- a la Jamie Oliver -- to improve menu offerings.

A Faster Way to Popovers

I have gotten into the habit of making popovers with my daughter on Sundays. The team approach works reasonably well: I measure the ingredients, she dumps them into the bowl, and we take turns mixing. Then, for some peculiar reason, she will inevitably dipping her hands into the measuring cup, eating the plain flour off her fingers until there is no more. I don't get this part

While popovers may not be as magical as the David Eyre's Pancake, watching a few spoonfuls of batter transform into the tall, airy, eggy, crunchy treats is almost as amazing (and delicious, too).

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Top Chef Expands Waistline, Adds Dessert Competition

Per an email announcement from Bravo, a new "Top Chef" spinoff -- "Top Chef: Just Desserts" -- will pit pastry chefs against each other. Casting begins today in various cities, if you are so inclined.