Department of Mashups: The Burger King Windows 7 Whopper


Engadget points to this fascinating development in the Japanese fast food marketplace: it's gastrogigantism meets computer operating software.

Available for just one week, Burger King's "Windows 7 Whopper" is comprised of a stack of seven beef patties on a hamburger bun, measuring five inches in height overall.

The tie-in to Windows 7 seems tenuous, save for the mutiple appearances of the number seven in the promotion: 7 patties for 7 days for ¥777).

It might just be the perfect thing to serve at your Windows 7 launch party:



C’mon, have a little fun. It’s just a silly marketing campaign, not a Genocide Sandwich, or something.


Not just a silly marketing campaign, but one that is getting a TON of attention. I'm guessing they expected some of the outrage regarding the obvious health concerns, etc. They were definitely looking for buzz and it's working.


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