The United States of McDonald's


Inspired by a drive down U.S. Interstate 5 through California’s Central Valley to Los Angeles, visual artist and blogger Stephen Von Worley noticed that big box stores and fast food restaurants were rapidly encroaching on the otherwise barren landscape.

Speeding down the freeway, he arrived at an existential question: "Just how far away can you get from our world of generic convenience?  And how would you figure that out?"

The resulting visualization of all of the chain's outlets in the lower 48 states eerily mimics a real map of the United States (from the contours of Cape Cod down to the Florida Keys), with increasing density of restaurants along major highways and in metropolitan population centers.

The "McFarthest Spot" according to the visualization: somewhere "between the tiny Dakotan hamlets of Meadow and Glad Valley," a location that's 107 miles away from the nearest McDonald's: "Suffer a Big Mac Attack out there, and you’re hurtin’ for certain!"



This is neither astounding or news to me! I can see TWO McDonalds from my apartment!!

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Did you know that there are more Subway restaurants in the Us than McDonalds?


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