Building a Better Cake Server


Finnish designer Maria Kivijärvi's Magisso Cake Server takes an innovative approach to the art of cake-slicing. Press the server down vertically on the cake to make a clean cut, and then -- while squeezing the handle -- remove the slice to a plate, where it may be released by relaxing your grip. Made from stainless steel. $59.95 at Urban Butik.

[via Apartment Therapy]



The Magisso Cake Server is sleek, for sure, and I wouldn't mind having one in my drawer. However, I'm not sure how I'd feel shelling out $60 for any cake server, no matter how technologically advanced.


That's a little pricey!! It sure is cool though... might get it for xmas... eesh did i say xmas? Riiight around the corner though!!!


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