Drunk on Butterbeer: Does Hogwarts Have a Teen Drinking Problem?


The New York Times is on the case of a potentially disturbing trend towards underage drinking in schools. Wizard schools, that is.

The latest movie in the Harry Potter series depicts a teenage Potter and company enjoying quite a few "butterbeers." The drinking has apparently raised some eyebrows, even if the alcoholic content of butterbeer is never stated.

Butterbeer1 For its part, Warner Brothers defended the ambiguity of the drinking scenes, telling the Times that the scenes of under-age drinking are “open to different interpretations.”

So, are butterbeers alcoholic anyway?

No, according to the Harry Potter online authority MugglesNet, which provides a recipe for butterbeer that includes only club soda (or cream soda), butterscotch syrup, and butter. No alcohol whatsoever.

Hestons_tudor_feast_gallery_10--gt_full_width_landscapeHowever, according to mixological instructions from British chef Heston Blumenthal's television show Heston's Feasts, butterbeer will get you drunk. In an episode of the program in which Blumenthal recreated a "Tudor Feast," butterbeer was presented as a "bona fide Tudor recipe made from ale, sugar, egg yolks, nutmeg and butter."

Disappointingly, Blumenthal reported that "It looks like something you'd throw up after too many beers." The show's website called it "rich, caramelly and super-sweet."

Here's the recipe should you want to make some yourself and party like its 1603.



Uhm, if you drink a lot of ButterBeer and get drunk very quickly, maybe you could get drunk.. Otherwise, I don't think so (unless you're an house elf).


I think we're looking for problems here.....come on!


How is this a controversy?! Under-age drinking? They live in England. I'm pretty sure it's legal to drink at the age of 16 over there. Jeez! Uptight Americans.


harry potter is awesome.I wish i knew how to make butter beer.


If I was a wizard at hogwarts I would be steady tippy off butterbeers. They sound good as shyte. It would be fun bein all drunk walking around that castle. And there were alotta hott wizard b•Tches in that last potter movie!! Done hate on underage drinking!! You people just wish you were young again so you could get drunk and have a good with your friends!!


i agree with jack and laura. whats the problem here? people try to find the dumbest littlest thing to make a darn problem out of it. dang i swear. i want some butterbeer, sounds delightful!


Actually in the book it states that Butterbeer is mildly alcoholic. Though small creatures such as house elves are affected quite strongly. In the 5th book Winky the house elf gets very drunk on Butterbeer.


we have to remember that the drinking age in the U.S is way different than the age other places. So technically... I think some people are being a little ridiculous. But not taking away from the fact that there is a problem with underage drinking, I just don't think harry potter is one of the causes of it.


This makes no sense, do you really think J.K Rowling would support underaged drinking? Of course not! Just because it has the word beer in it doesn't mean it's alcoholic, what about root beer? thats defiantly not alcoholic. Blaming Harry Potter is NOT going to get rid off teen drinking, thats sad, really sad.


No they do not have a teen drinking problem! It is not made with alcohol.


it is legal to drink wine and beer in places that serve food at the age of 16 in the uk, its just in bars and shops that you have to be 18, but even if that is classed as a bar who said that the wizarding world was subject to drinking ages anyway, its fiction. besides two or three beers dont even have an effect they're not drinking enough to get drunk anyway!


It's clearly stater in the series that people won't get drunk from Butterbeer, while house elves will. What's the problem?


Trust me butter ever is freakin epic I tried it at freakin harry freakin potter freakin studios



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