Cupcake Inspired Wine

Cupcakevineyards Has the cupcake trend gone too far? Probably so when the sweet treats become a selling point for wine.

That's not to say that Cupcake Vineyards wines are made to replicate the flavor of a cupcake.

Rather, they take their inspiration from the aura of "indulgence" that has come to be associated with cupcakes.

A company press release explains:

"With the gourmet cupcake trend accelerating and Cupcake boutiques opening up across the country, there is an opportunity for a wine that is crafted to invoke the feeling that you get when reward yourself" remarks Marketing Director Nicolas Tucker. "The 'more is more' consumer can’t get enough of Cupcake’s complex flavor – especially for the modest price point."



Cupcake wine is a bit smoother,milder and full of flavor. I was quite pleased with this wine.They are the type of wine you can keep on hand for every day drinking and it wont break your budget. Plus the idea of it being called Cupcake Wine makes it even better. I did find it isnt as great at the pricier wines, but will do great for our everyday dinner wine.It pairs up well with my Montecristo.


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