carrot·mob (noun): The flash mob goes green. A "reverse boycott" where a group of people gather to support an environmentally-friendly store by purchasing its goods.

New word collector Word Spy recently noted the arrival of the "carrotmob" phenomenon. Among a series of citations provided is this one, from the May 15, 2009 edition of Time magazine:

"Forget sticks, and stick with carrots instead. So says Brent Schulkin, founder of a fledgling movement of activist consumers employing a kind of reverse boycott that he calls a carrotmob. The concept is simple: instead of steering clear of environmentally backward stores, why not reward businesses with mass purchases if they promise to use some of the money to get greener?"



i totally support this concept! it does make sense.....and everyone's a winner!


If people want to find out more about Carrotmob, and the verb tense- Carrotmobbing, check us out here:




I think this is a great idea. I checked and found a bunch of carrot-mob-approved businesses in my area. Very interesting.


thanks for the information, is very useful and educative... thanks to you and Sussana for give more information


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