Alabama Bans Wines With "Nude Nymph" Labels

Poster1 The State of Alabama's liquor agency has banned the sale of wine which features a "nude nymph" on its label.

The label on Cycles Gladiator wine shows a naked nymph with flowing hair flying alongside a winged bicycle.

Alabama's liquor regulations bar labels with "a person posed in an immoral or sensuous manner."

According to the winery's website, the labels are based on a Parisian bicycle advertisement dating from the late 19th century:

Started in Paris in 1891 by Alexandre Darracq (an eccentric, who would later become famous for manufacturing automobiles), Gladiator was one of the dozens of bicycle companies that saturated the market when the cycling craze boomed. The Golden Age of cycling reached its pinnacle in 1895—and that same year printer G. Massias unveiled one of the great Parisian advertising posters. Only four of these original posters exist today.

The famed artwork that once showcased the stylish Cycles Gladiator now graces the bottles of our classic wines from California’s Central Coast. The mythological image of the nymph riding her winged bicycle captures the grace and uninhibited beauty of our hillside vineyards.



yep, sounds like the work of an Alabama state agency worker


OMG It's the Gladiator Poster! It's a good thing Alabama banned this, the bike was one of the sexiest "safety bicycles" made before the turn of the century.

Oh wait. the woman. I get it.
I just hope Alabama isn't as uptight about bikes as it is about wine.


Yea, I cannot imagine that anyone in Alabama old enough to buy alcohol should be allowed to see a naked woman.

Imagine what might happen!


The "boobs" are now looking for a suitable cup for DAVID.
Come on guys! You have a history of obscene behavior and
you take issue with a piece of art, Come on!!!!


Sounds like the Alabama liquor agency needs to grow the fuck up, seriously, this is just embarrassing.


So Birmingham is quickly falling into bankruptcy and laying off 2/3's of it's employee's, but, praise God, there will be no naked bikers on labels...Makes me so fucking grateful to have be emancipated from the South. Wonder if the Mountain Brook library is closing?


Nothing from the state of my birth ever startles me. Indeed, the last time I visited Montgomery, some "artist" had been allowed to paint a great many biblical scenes on the boarded up store fronts of Dexter Avenue. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I recalled the unimproved cityscape with great fondness. It had a certain dignity once, nay, even elegance. Now it, like so many town in the deep South, is all but abandoned.


And it's not like they're selling the wine to those under 21 years of age . . .


I can't say I'm at all surprised or even astounded. But I am disgusted. What part of "It's not 1930 anymore" don't they get?


This sort of thing just stuns does the Banned Booklist. Despite my hopes for "teachable moments", the moral majority/religious right continues to sadly resurface within government. How pathetic is this.


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