Tales of Tea


This summer, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum (91 Orchard Street, New York) will present "Tea Cart Stories," an interactive public art exhibition exploring tea as a locus of tradition, memory, and culture.

Artist Michele Brody will set up a tea cart parked at 108 Orchard Street (across from the Tenement Museum) and invite guests inside to share family stories and experiences dealing with tea. Brody will record and transcribe the stories on paper tea bags steeped in tea leaves which will then be displayed on a structure made of copper pipes installed on an early 20th century pushcart (you can see another incarnation of the project here). This display will then be installed in the windows of 97 Orchard Street through December 2009.
The tea cart will be open to the public for story-gathering from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on June 11 and 25 and July 9 and 23, pending weather conditions.

Image: Lower East Side Tenement Museum.



Good morning on June 11th. Sadly it looks like Tea Cart Stories may be rained out for its inaugural day. If so, please join us on June 18th for our rain date discussions.


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