Live from the James Beard Awards


We had some technical difficulties, but here we are. Follow along here or via Twitter [update: here's a transcript of all of the evening's tweets]:

And now it's time to go and catch a train home. Look to @eaterny and @grubstreet for after party reports into the wee hours
@joeyonan fair enough. Not faulting times necessarily, but in age of the Internet, calls into question whole idea of embargoes. Thoughts?
Off to food tastings shortly . . . looking forward to Jar, Spotted Pig, audrey Sanders, annita lo, michelle bernstein.
It's Dan Barber. Congrats.
This is it. Outstanding Chef award, presented by Grant Achatz. The winner will rhyme with Lamb Sarbar
Jean Georges is the winner.
outstanding restaurant up now:
@ldshap00 Their Twitter, natch.

By the way, I don't really blame the NY Times. The question is, why did JBF leak it before it was announced?

RT @beardfoundation Drew calls Mario and Joe skinny bastards...
Drew Nieporant is the winner. Daniel Boulud's reaction: "Now Drew can run for Mayor."
Now up, outstanding restaurateur.
@eaterny No link love?
Beard Award for best new restaurant goes to Momofuku Ko (David Chang). Not a surprise if you read the nytimes spoiler.
Scandalous: @nytimesdining names outstanding chef award, etc. before they have yet been announced on stage:
@nytimesdining How did you guys know?
Outstanding Pastry Chef: Gina de Palma, Babbo.
Outstanding Service award: goes to Daniel Boulud for Daniel.
outstanding resto design award: goes to Design Bureaux, Inc.
Meyer, diplomatically: "I'll take that as a compliment."
overheard: PR rep to Danny Meyer: "You are the Jerry Seinfeld of the food industry"
michael pollan won for best writing and lit cookbook: In Defense of Food.
totonnos quasi documentary on now. everyone is ignoring it. Totonno's is the best IMHO.
speaking of slimmed down. Joe Bastianich, very slim, just did a man-hug with Tom Colicchio.
So, I've heard that Mario is slimming down, and I think it's true.
media siting: dana cowin, food and wine.
single subject: "Fat" by Jennifer McLagen.
Mario batali is in the house. Tux plus crocs, natch
Sidenote: These awards are absolutely not a twitter trending topic. "Jonaslive"is is the top trending topic.
International Cookbook: "Beyonf the Great Wall," by Alford and Duguid.
He left?! No acceptance speech by Bitty . . .
Bittmann! Winner for general cooking: "How to Cook Everything"
We're onto "Reference and Scholarship": dornenburg and page win for "the flavor bible." Our pick, "Milk," loses.
Martha Foose, "Screen Doors and Sweet Tea," wins for the category American Cooking. Sorry Arthur Schwartz.
@FoodWriterDiary what do you think? I'm busy drinking my way through the gin table.
Baking cookbook: winner is "Bakewise" by shirley o. corriber. hearing that the chocolate chip cookies recipes is excellent.
she says they are picking up the slack from dwindling kitchen resources.
sidenote: chatted with earlier. regarding the chef salary survey, why did sous chefs increase their salaries?
best beverage book: winewise, by steven kolpan, brian h smith and michael h. weiss.
Onto cookbooks now. Grant achatz wins in the pro cookbooks category
julia but no julie: showed scene of julia (meryl streep) chopping massive pile of onions.
promo time: julie/julia preview clip.
Drinking princess poppycock: hendricks gin, cherries, lime. Mmmm.
time to get another drink
sorta sad.
Live from the James Beard Awards: We had some technical difficulties, but here we are. Follow along here or via ..
now at "remarks" by JBF chair; ansolutely no one is paying attention to the video feed.
he beat out wylie dufresne, gabrielle hamilton, terrance brennan, and michael anthony.
david chang presents for NYC best chef: gabriel kreuther (the modern).
rob evans is winner (hugo's, portland, ME)
alexandra guarnaschelli presenting for best chef northeast.
best chef (mid atlantic): jose garces, amada philadelphia
ming tsai presenting best chef of SE region: mike lata, fig (charleston SC)
audio is completely drowned out by the din here in the press room
best chef (great lakes) is michael symon (lola, cleveland), natch.
tim mckee, la belle vie, minn. wins
Todd English presenting for best chef (midwest).
could there be a slower wi fi connection?
Best chef (south) is john currence city grocery, oxford, ms
best chef (southwest region) . . . vegas, baby: award goes to paul bartollota, bartollota ristorante di mare at the Wynn
Maria Hines of tilth, Seattle, winsfor the northwest region
Douglas Keane of Cyrus in Healdsburg, CA, wins for best chef (Pacific)
Traci des Jardin announcing best chefs for the pacific.
Ming Tsai siting in press room.
Technical difficulties; we're back.
In press room. Martha Stewart siting.
Here at Lincoln center. Rain has let up while we wait for chefs to show up



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