It's Swiss Chard Out Here for a Pimp

The Oscar-award winning rap group Three 6 Mafia is shopping around a cooking show titled "Cookin' Ain't Easy."


New Frontiers in Culinary Travel: Ice Cream Tourism

GelatodistrictThe idea of culinary travel usually conjures up a romanticized image like a trip to Alba to hunt for white truffles, a wine tour of the Rhone Valley, or perhaps the ultimate in foodish travels, a week in Tuscany cooking, eating, and discussing food and wine with Michael Pollan.

But, a new promotion that recently arrived in my inbox suggests the innovation of an entirely new genre of gastronomic vacations: ice cream tourism.

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Scientists Say Decline in Fish Preceded Industrialization

New research by marine scientists suggests that the damage done by humans to fish stocks already began before the advent of modern commercial fishing.



gas·tro-lounge (noun): A nightclub for eating and drinking. No bar, maybe some moving lights, but no dance floor.

According to Jada Yuan, writing in New York magazine, nightlife impresario Noah Tepperberg says he is launching a gastro-lounge, a new genre of nightlife destination combining elements of a gastropub, lounge, and "ultralounge":

The $2.5 million nightspot is a different concept entirely: a "gastropub/ultralounge.” Which means what? “If a typical lounge is a bar with a lot of seating, an ultralounge has moving lights. It’s got some dancing. It’s got a D.J. booth,” he explains, sort of. “And a gastropub is a bar with food. So we’re kind of a mix: It’s not a bar with food, but it’s not a straight ultralounge.” Pause. “So I guess it’s a gastro-lounge.” There’s no dance floor; he promises that patrons will be able to “hear people talk” and “don’t have to buy bottles.”

John Salley, "Vegan Media Personality"?

The producers of the new documentary film Food Inc. are rolling out a series of promotional videos, including this one by "vegan media personality" (who knew?) and former NBA player John Salley. Another features a pizza-craving Alyssa Milano with some not-so-tasty warnings about the dangers of foodborne illness.


Chefs Threaten Boycott of Berkeley's Monterey Market

Chef Judy Rodgers and others are threatening a boycott of Berkeley's famed Monterey Market over a family feud that has led to the resignation of co-owner Bill Fujimoto. An online petition has sprung up to garner pledges from shoppers that they will boycott the store.


Pitfalls of Cooking in the Nude

Speaking of cooking testicles, Jay Rayner ponders Jamie Oliver's near-miss while baking in the buff and the dangers of cooking without clothes.


Have a Ball at the World Testicle Cooking Championship


Mark your calendars. The next "World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking Championship" ( will be held on August 29-30, 2009, in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.

Officially titled "Mud®ijada," the goal of the competition is "promoting testicle specialities [sic] as well as Serbian traditional cuisine."

The website offers this mission statement of sorts: "The Scots have Scotch, the Swiss have cheese, and we Serbs have balls! Why shouldn’t we sell them to the world as a real Serbian trademark speciality from Shumadija?"

The event is the brainchild of Serbian chef Ljubomir R. Erovic, who, you may remember, is the author of The Testical Cookbook: Cooking With Balls.

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French Wine in Decline

The French drank almost 10 percent less wine last year than in 2007, and exports by French vintners fell by 15 percent.


Texting at the Table

Texting while eating can be a sore subject for couples and families.