Controversial Ice Cream Ad May be Excommunicated


A controversial advertising campaign for the ice cream brand Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano brings new meaning to the dessert cliche "sinfully delicious."

The sexy ads, which depict a nun and priest on the verge of kissing (while holding a carton of ice cream), is being investigated by a UK advertising standards agency after a complaint was made on the grounds that they are demeaning to people who have chosen a religious vocation. The ads feature the taglines "submit to temptation" and "kiss temptation." The food magazine Delicious has refused to run the ads.

The ads could be banned by the agency if they are found to violate its advertising code.



I'm definitely one to get hot and bothered over chocolate ice cream, but that ad is pretty racy!


Adverts are a strange thing. I know that they have to be controversial / stupid / etc to get noticed but it seems very few of them actually highlight the product these days.


And it is on a website (how many others?) and people are talking about it! Great advertising, it still works even if the ads do get pulled.


The point of advertising is to become noticed and talked about. These days, it seems hard to shock most people (especially younger generations) and so advertisements are becoming racier and racier. I don't personally like this ad, but I don't see why it should be banned. If a company creates an ad that is controversial, they will gain more attention-which is the whole point of advertising. It's just a matter of what companies will come up with next. If it were up to me, I think the product should be more important than finding a clever way to sell the product. If an ice cream tastes good, it shouldn't need controversial ads to sell.


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