Unilever to Cut Salt in All Products

Food giant Unilever says it will cut salt across its food products (more than 22,000) to target a dietary intake of 6g of salt per day by the end of 2010, with a further reduction targeting an intake of 5g per day for the end of 2015. Somewhere, Michael Bloomberg is smiling.



6g of salt? I thought the recommended maximum of salt was 2.5g! Wow, what is it currently then from Unilever?


uhhh, glad I'm not the only one who noticed that 6 grams of sodium is a massive amount...almost 3 times what you're supposed to have in one day. These days if you're not getting killed by fat and cholesterol you're getting killed by sodium.


I believe it assumes that if ALL 2,000 of the recommended daily calories were from said product, you'd eat a total of 6g of salt. You're really only eating maybe 200 calories of the food, so you'd be getting 0.6g per serving.


cut the salt?...I thought they already did by sizing down all their products! Along with all the others. This insidious sizing down went undetected by the public, because it was cleverly ever so "redesigned & improved" containers. When will the public take responsibility for what they buy & put in their body? Doesn't it bother anyone that across the board, you are paying the same price for less product? If the product is salty or fatty, why not let the consumer be responsible for declining the purchase? Stand up people a look!


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